Don’t let your next conversation with your primary care physician (PCP) be a one-way conversation.

By asking questions and seeking to understand you can get the most out of your visit.

If you’re like most people today, you’re looking for a more personalized approach to your wellness. You want to work with a PCP who’s proactive about helping you get healthier and/or stay healthy.

Getting this level of care requires some transparent communication from you and your doctor. Let’s look at 5 questions to start a more open and honest conversation about your health.

1. What Can I Do at Home to Improve My Health?

As your main doctor, your primary care physician is dedicated to your overall and long term health. They understand that they only see you a fraction of your year. And your lifestyle is the prime determining factor in your overall health.

Be open with your doctor about lifestyle struggles and barriers. Help your doctor create a more personalized plan to managing a chronic condition, aging well — or achieving optimal health.

2. Is The Advice I Got On The Internet Right for Me?

Today, we have incredible information at our fingertips. With online resources, you may be able to self-diagnose and even treat some ailments.

Getting medical advice online isn’t inherently bad. But it can be risky. It doesn’t always take into consideration an individual’s unique physiology, potential drug interactions, and other health concerns. But your primary care physician has a more in depth knowledge about you personally.

If you’ve read something online that you’re considering trying, it’s always a good idea to ask your doctor about it first.

3. Which Internet Resources Are Most Reliable?

Your doctor loves learning on the Internet as much as you do.

He/she’ll be able to share with you reliable sites related to a chronic condition that you may have or safe ways to “bulk up” if that’s your goal. Whatever your health objectives, your doctor can be a wealth of information.

4. What Kinds of Health Goals Should I Set For Myself?

Maybe you’re managing a chronic condition. Or maybe you’re trying to defy the aging process. Maybe you want to feel more energetic or get higher quality sleep.

Demonstrate your willingness to be proactive with your doctor by setting short, mid and long term goals with your doctor. This is the way of modern medicine and the path to better health outcomes for patients.

5. Why?

“Why are you recommending this test? Why am I taking A medication instead of B meds? Why am I suffering from increased episodes?”

A discussion with your doctor should be just that – a discussion. And it shouldn’t just be 15 minutes of your describing of symptoms and then another and then 5 minutes of “diagnose and treat.”

Conversations with your PCP should be a dialogue in which you seek to better understand your unique health needs and what you can do to get or stay healthy.

Find a Primary Care Physician Who Gets You

It’s important to work with a PCP who understands you and works to meet your unique needs.

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