Dr. Chris M. Nussbaum

Dr. Chris M. Nussbaum, MD, FHM

Insight LifeCare is led by it’s Founder, Dr. Chris M. Nussbaum, a twenty-five year experienced clinician and diagnostician. His diverse and extensive background brings to you excellence and versatility in the healthcare arena. Amongst other achievements, Dr. Nussbaum founded and was the Chief Medical Officer of Synergy Medical Group, was Program Group Leader for IPC – The Hospitalist Company, and served as Associate Medical Director for Gulfside Regional Hospice. He is a Fellow of Hospital Medicine and former Chief Resident of Internal Medicine at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, N.J.. Dr. Nussbaum completed his third and fourth years of medical training in The United Kingdom. He is a former National Science Foundation Scholar, Associate Clinical Instructor at local medical schools, Medical Director of a number of rehab and ancillary services, and is a trained Healthcare Mediator.