In “the good old days” doctors didn’t have offices. They had a black bag with all the tools of their trade, and they traveled to their patients’ homes, spending time healing the sick and fixing the medical problems of the people where they were most comfortable.

At some point, the model changed. Perhaps because having the patients come to the doctor instead was more efficient. It allowed the doctor to see more people in less time. But it also fundamentally changed the relationship. It made medical care more profitable, yes, but it also made it less personal.

At Insight LifeCare, we are among the growing number of physicians looking to change that. We want to bring back house calls. Home visit doctors all but disappeared in modern times, but now there is a push to bring that level of care back to the people, no matter what their wealth level or status might be.

By bringing back the concept of home visit doctors, we are looking to make medicine personal again. It allows doctors to form real relationships with their patients, spending more quality time listening and discussing care options, medical history and next steps that you would get in a traditional office, where the next patient is in the waiting room and getting antsy for their turn.

It also means patients are receiving care where they are most comfortable: in their own environment. This means they are less stressed about the visit, and are less likely to forget important symptoms or information that could help their doctor heal them quicker and more completely. There is no more rushing to try and remember everything in the two minutes you have, in between answering the standard set of questions the doctor is firing off at you.

And it is more private as well. Many patients feel uncomfortable disrobing all or in part in a sterile room with a paper gown. In their own homes, they can wear a comfortable robe, and there is no fear of a stranger seeing them unexpectedly or barging in. That privacy is also healthier — instead of sick patients all congregating in one place and sharing the viruses and bacteria they carry, spreading disease faster and more completely, patients who experience home visits are limiting their exposure to other germs, and limiting other’s exposure to theirs at the same time. It is a win-win scenario on all levels.

House calls hail from a time when medicine involved a close, personal relationship between the doctor and patient. And as that faded, so too did the quality of healthcare. We want to reverse that trend. We want to bring back home visit care, and all the benefits it brings with it. Let’s make medicine personal again.

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