Dr. Chris Nussbaum

Dr. Chris Nussbaum offers his patients a unique experience that differs from other medical providers. His philosophy is predicated upon a foundation of providing exceptional care, finding solutions, and not only standing by his experience and his treatment plans but literally standing by his patients. Being a Fellow of Hospital Medicine and being trained in internal medicine, Dr. Nussbaum is uniquely qualified to care for his patients throughout their varied, long-term healthcare needs.

“I’m a solutions physician and a protective physician. We take the best, most serious care with our patients.”

When Dr. Chris Nussbaum’s patients need to go to the hospital, he is qualified to, and always does attend. This ensures that his patient’s care continues to go in the right direction, and that they continue to receive the quality of care that they deserve. As a Fellow of Hospital Medicine, he remains actively involved in the care of his patients when they are in the hospital.

In an effort to get back to traditional values, when you visit Insight LifeCare, you always see a doctor. His commitment to providing the highest quality medical care to his patients has contributed to Dr. Nussbaum’s love of giving back to his community and providing volunteer healthcare. The response that he receives from his community continues to fuel his passion for medicine, and he thrives on continuing to grow and improve his practice.

Chris Nussbaum & Insight LifeCare

At Insight LifeCare, Dr. Chris Nussbaum ensures that he remains a sounding board for his patients so that he can give them the best direct care that focuses on their individual needs. Furthermore, he works to stay constantly engaged with his patients and retains responsibility throughout the duration of their healthcare needs. When you visit Dr. Nussbaum, you are not simply treated as a patient, but he assumes complete responsibility and gives you the high-quality care that you deserve.

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