A close friend of mine has been going to Las Vegas frequently for years.  He gets “comped” with the best services wherever he goes, has access to hard to get reservations, knows someone important at the premier casinos, and is generally treated like gold throughout the town.  Years of experience at  blackjack tables as well as dining room tables have resulted in connections, special relationships, and an ability to move around The Strip like he owns the place.  He’s in his element, confident, and relaxed.  He’s got it tapped, and he’s wired in.  With a wink and a smile he says:  “There are two ways to go to Vegas, Baby……with Me,… or the other way!”.

I think of the maze of healthcare, visiting a doctor, and a possible trip to a hospital as a similar scenario.  For most people, it’s a very big gamble. The stakes are high.  You’re not sure what cards you may be dealt, and it’s easy to spend alot of time and money and not necessarily win.  Without the right connections and guidance, or a proper understanding of the “game”, a person might wind up losing;  that could involve opportunities for wellness, or avoidance of complications, or perhaps even life-threatening scenarios that, properly played, could be managed and avoided.

If you had that special friend, someone who could guide you through the process, give meaningful advice, share tricks and tips, and lend their extensive knowledge and experience to your own, you’d increase your likelihood of winning massively.  When it comes to your Health and Wellness, that’s exactly what we do at Concierge Care Tampa Bay.

We’d bet your experience and outcomes will be better because we know our field extensively and have “played” this game for decades.  Whether in the office or at your bedside, we’ll guide and arrange your plans and care to get the best “odds”.  We practice and continually train to be up to date and ready to help, and we’re in the game every day with commitment and enthusiasm.  Indeed, the stakes are high – it’s your life!  – so our team works continuously, delivering service and expertise to help make it the best.

We think you’ll agree there are two ways to get healthcare – Our way at Concierge Care Tampa Bay….or the other way.