Don hates the typical wait times of conventional medical practices as well as the short consultations with the physician and the sometimes impersonal nature of treatment. After meeting Chris Nussbaum, MD, FHM, founder and medical director of Insight Life Care, at a networking meeting, he knew he had found his Doc.

“My favorite thing about concierge medicine is it reminds me of old-school doctors who come to your house,” says Don. “They put everything in the bag, and then they come and visit you. Concierge medicine is very different from a standard medical practice because it is personalized.”

Taking Personalized Primary Care to a Whole New Level

Concierge medicine allows patients to have a direct relationship with their doctor. People have recognized the significant limitations of the primary healthcare system, and they want to make sure they can get to a physician whenever the need arises.

Concierge care physicians bring old-school, one-on-one physician-patient relationships back to modern medicine. Through this approach, they can consistently deliver healthcare at a level of competence, concern, and service not found at typical primary care practices.

“Dr. Chris actually does house visits for specific patients,” says Don. “With his background in hospital medicine he’s highly qualified and admits and follows you in the hospital if you need that, orchestrating everything including the best specialists. From a concierge standpoint, because it’s so personalized, I get to speak to my doctor and only my doctor. Not five different doctors at a medical practice.”

Healthier patients are attracted to the convenience and personal attention they receive at Insight Life Care. Booking appointments months in advance is a thing of the past, and patients spend more time with Doc Nussbaum, who can get a better understanding of their medical history.

Convenience, Access, and Longer Visits

A University of Wisconsin report found that almost half of primary physicians devote less than fifteen minutes to each patient visit. Not acceptable for Don, whose values and lifestyle demand timely access to care and comprehensive, highly attentive, and personalized treatment at the doctor’s office.

“I met Dr. Nussbaum about two years ago, and we hit it off right off of the bat,” says Don. “I don’t like going to regular doctors’ offices. I try to avoid them as often as possible like most people avoid the dentist.”

“When I saw Dr. Nussbaum for the first time, it was amazing,” Don continues. “He sat with me for an hour. He does that every time I need him. I pay for the concierge service that allows me to see him anytime and call him whenever I need to, and I love that. It’s like having your own personal assistant, but that’s a doctor.”

Insight Life Care’s model of care is particularly beneficial for those who have complex medical conditions, travel frequently, or have otherwise busy schedules. “I’m not somebody that’s typically sick, but I did want to see a family practice doctor,” says Don. “I’m 32 years old now, and I should start doing adult things. I picked Dr. Chris as my doctor because I like the idea of being able to just come into his office without having to worry about filling out a ton of paperwork more than one time or sitting in the nurses’ station waiting for 15, 20, or 30 minutes before seeing a doctor. He’s also utilized telemedicine with me when I travel for work. That’s been amazing.”

Telemedicine employs technology that allows patients to receive remote healthcare from wherever they happen to be located. It makes it possible for physicians to treat patients as needed regardless of location by using a computer or smartphone.

Don has been so pleased with the quality of his care at Insight Life Care, he has brought members of his family into the fold. “I would highly recommend Dr. Chris to anybody,” says Don. “I’ve referred my family specifically to him. My father has many medical issues, and he’s been seeing 10-15 different doctors at any given time. Now, I’ve brought him to Dr. Chris, who personally takes care of everything for him.”

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