Victoria Shearer, RN

Registered Nurse, Office Manager

“I believe in taking care of every aspect of their needs—full circle care for each individual patient.”

After falling in love with the care and attention that she received from nurses, Victoria Shearer decided that she, too, wanted to become a nurse and continue to give back to her community by providing high-quality patient care. Beginning her career in hotel management, Victoria Shearer has always gravitated toward fields that afford her the opportunity to help people meet their needs and make them comfortable. She believes in providing care for her patients that addresses every aspect of their healthcare needs so that they receive the well-rounded, individualized care that they deserve.

As a nurse who specializes in emergency care and began her nursing career as an ER nurse, Victoria Shearer she is driven by the fast-paced, quick-thinking aspect of patient care, addressing their needs when they have them. Mission and volunteer emergency care fuels Victoria Shearer’s continued love and passion for nursing. She has traveled the world to provide volunteer healthcare, and finds great joy in helping people in her community both locally and globally.

Her experience with patients in need of emergency care all over the world has given her the ability to discern between an emergency and a healthcare need that is not an emergency, and her experience with mission work has exposed her to a variety of ethnic groups, countries, and conditions. At Insight Life Care, Victoria Shearer brings her adaptability and devotion to high-quality patient care to every patient that she sees in order to give them the care that they deserve.

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