Maybe a friend used the term, and now you’re curious about it. Maybe you saw a news report or read an article. Maybe you came across it while Googling for something else, and now you want to learn more. Whatever brought you to us, the first question you are probably asking yourself is “What, exactly, is Concierge Medicine anyway?”

First and foremost, concierge medicine is a doctor-driven movement that is an attempt to reconnect with our patients. Large medical groups have moved the industry into one more concerned with profitability and productivity, to the detriment of time spent actually working with patients. Doctors are encouraged to spend less time on face-to-face conversations, and more time on paperwork, or on getting more patients through the door.

But while that might be great for shareholders, it means patients are getting less personal attention, which leads to more delayed or incorrect diagnosis, or just feeling like a number, instead of a person with real problems you go to a doctor to try and fix. Concierge medicine is an attempt to recapture that. It values personal attention, when and where you want it, over profits and speed. It means doctors can take as much time, run as many tests, try as many different protocols as they need until they help you get to the root cause of your issues and then help you solve them.

And while that might sound like a far-fetched model, or something only the very wealthy can afford, think again. Practices like Insight LifeCare here in the Tampa Bay area are springing up all over the country, and we are serving patients from every walk of life. We do that by hiring the best doctors and staff, and creating a tiered framework that allows everyone to get what they need. We have programs that start at $75 per month, and that range from in-office visits like you would get with a traditional doctor, just with a more personal approach, all the way up to plans that include 24/7 access to the cell phones of our on-staff physicians. Whatever level of care you need, there is a plan for you, unlike a traditional medical model, which serves everyone with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality.

At its heart, the concierge model is about making medicine personal again. When your doctor can focus on just a few patients, and on giving you as much time as you need, whenever you need it, you get better care. It means a healthier, longer, happier life. When you don’t have to spend hours waiting around for less than 5 minutes of time with your doctor, you can get back to doing what you love and enjoying your time.

Many people are starting to ask what “concierge care” really means, and how it could help them. The answer is that it is a movement to return patient care to the forefront, and to put doctors back in charge of care, instead of large corporate entities. Concierge Medicine is a better approach to healthcare.

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