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At Insight LifeCare we focus on personal attention and service - something sorely missing with primary care physician interactions and patient experiences today. Our approach brings old school medicine back and marries it with modern day, one-on-one interaction with an expert physician without hassles and long waits.

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24/7 access to expert healthcare in minutes by phone, video or in-office with no co-pays or deductibles

How is Insight LifeCare Different?

We offer an alternative to traditional health care and focus our efforts on helping you protect your health. Dr. Nussbaum believes that the patient-physician relationship, not rules and regulations, should form the foundation of medical care. He has chosen to provide the highest quality of care, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to prevention and disease management.


Our Primary Care Physician
Patient Commitment

With convenient, personal attention from a healthcare advocate that treats you like more than a number - Insight LifeCare offers a wide-array of healthcare services to fit your lifestyle.

Zero Wait Times

Over and over again we hear about the long waits at most traditional primary care practices. We provide concierge-level service and pride ourselves on providing a hassle-free experience.

Expert Insights

When you’re sick, hospitalized or have an emergency, there is no substitute for experience and expertise. These are situations for an experienced physician, not a PA or Nurse Practitioner.

Holistic Approach to Medicine

Our sincere goal and mission with every customer is to help quarterback them to a long, healthy quality of life with the care and insight we provide.

Hospital Care

Most primary care, even concierge practices, don’t or won’t manage patient care when you are hospitalized. It is in these critical moments in life where your Insight LifeCare doctor separates from the rest, admitting and attending to your inpatient experience.

Outpatient Visits

With our Concierge-Level care and service, we provide options that include home or office visits when transportation or ambulatory concerns arise. You can count on the Insight LifeCare team to be there!

Telemedicine Direct

We have membership plans that include direct access to our physicians via cell phone, text message and Facetime when the need arises. Having fast, direct access to your physician is an amazing experience when the unexpected parts of life happen.

Primary Care Physician Relationship for Better Health

In this challenging era of healthcare, Dr. Nussbaum's goal is to rise above constraints and create new methods of providing healthcare for his patients. Dr. Nussbaum does not want to deliver suboptimal care to conform to current reimbursement structures. Therefore, Insight LifeCare was created.

Insight LifeCare, a Brandon primary care physician office, offers traditional Internal Medicine services, integrated with alternative medical approaches and personalized to meet your needs in a concierge setting. To invest more in your health, patients become members of the Practice through a voluntary subscription. A subscription medical practice is a type of medical practice that limits the number of patients the Practice treats. This limitation of the number of patients allows our team and Dr. Nussbaum to be more personally available to offer additional services and time.

Our primary care medical practice allows us to take exceptional care of our patients in a manner that is rare nowadays. Our goals include short waiting room times, plenty of time spent with the doctor, relaxing ambience, prompt scheduling of appointments for established patients, access and guidance to supplements, advanced patient engagement technology, and convenient access via HIPPA secure telemedicine portal. Through comprehensive testing, in addition to our state-of-the art In-Body Analyzer that allows us to measure patients’ body composition; we will be able to measure health and predict health risks better than other traditional modalities.


There is no other doctor quite like Dr. Nussbaum! He is the most knowledgeable, down-to-earth, and well respected doctor I have ever known. You’d be doing yourself a huge favor by becoming his patient.

Insight Life Care | Brandon Primary Care Doctor | Concierge Medicine | Google Review
Danielle S.
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Dr. Nussbaum is an outstanding doctor who is extremely knowledgeable in a wide variety of medical fields. He explains things in a way that people without medical knowledge can understand and will take as much time as the patient needs to fix a problem/work toward a solution. 

Insight Life Care | Brandon Primary Care Doctor | Concierge Medicine | Google Review
Erin M.
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Dr. Nussbaum is the most caring and best MD I have ever known!
Insight Life Care | Brandon Primary Care Doctor | Concierge Medicine | Google Review
Jerilyn G.
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Dr Nussbaum and his staff are second to none. Truly mean that. In the world of average to sub-par Primary Care, Insight Life Care stands out. I recommend Dr Chris Nussbaum and Insight Life Care Concierge Medical Centers.

Insight Life Care | Brandon Primary Care Doctor | Concierge Medicine | Google Review
Lane H.
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